Meet Tirzah Lopez, Miss Netherlands 2022

IZ Adaptive

Back in June of 2022, IZ Adaptive CEO, Benedict Marsh sat down with this year's Miss Wheelchair World representative ...

Weaving a Bold New Future with the Threads of Self-Love: An Interview with Sandie Roberts

IZ Adaptive

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Sandie Roberts to talk about her experience of the wheelchair transforming from a symbol of failure, to a tool for empowerment, and how she integrates it into fashion and self-expression.

Disabled But Not Really: Q & A with Wesley Hamilton

Benedict Marsh

IZ Adaptive CEO, Benedict Marsh, sits down with philanthropist, speaker, athlete, model, and founder of Disabled But Not Really, Wesley Hamilton to talk about his organization, overcoming limiting mindsets, leadership and building community.

Russell’s Best Self

IZ Adaptive Blog

Russell’s ‘Perfect Fit’ changed the way he felt about comfort, confidence and the importance of well fitting pants....

Tara-Anne's Perfect Fit

IZ Adaptive Blog

Tara-Anne shares her love of friendship and the importance of a ‘Perfect Fit’.     Full Transcription bel...

Jason’s Unexpected Passion

IZ Adaptive Blog

Jason share's his love of comedy and how the perfect fit changes the way he feels. Jason: My name is Jason. I'm 36, ...

Chris' Peer Support

IZ Adaptive Blog

Chris loves to sit down with other folks in order to encourage them and to share the message of never giving up. Chr...

Adrienne's Paddling Passion

IZ Adaptive Blog

Being out on the water has brought a lot to Adrienne's life, including camaraderie and a whole lot of fun. Adrienne:...

Jodi's Lasting Friendships

IZ Adaptive Blog

Jodi shares how friendships can be the place where you find the perfect fit, which makes you become your best self. ...

Luke’s Change

IZ Adaptive Blog

Luke explains about how finding that perfect fit changes everything and you shouldn’t settle for less. Luke: My name ...

Anita’s Love of Life

IZ Adaptive Blog

Anita lives life to the fullest and is sharing this outlook with her daughter. Anita: Hi, my name is Anita and I liv...

Joanne’s Freedom

IZ Adaptive Blog

Joanne share’s how the ‘Perfect Fit’ gives her a sense of freedom in her daily life. Joanne: Hi, I'm Joanne Smith, ...
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