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Jason’s Unexpected Passion

Jason share's his love of comedy and how the perfect fit changes the way he feels.


My name is Jason. I'm 36, and I was born here in Toronto, but I grew up mostly in Richmond Hill.

I am passionate about food, taking comedy classes, acting like a fool, and spending time with my friends and loved ones.


A friend convinced me to do a Second City drop-in, which I thought I wouldn't really enjoy, but I'd be able to say that I did it. I feel glad that I did it. That gradually turned into taking classes and doing everything else, performing arts comedy.


I think there are some clothes in my wardrobe that I would say are the perfect fit. Generally, they're more comfortable. They don't itch. They go on easily.

I feel an elevation in my confidence in going about my day-to-day life while wearing clothes that's a perfect fit, while feeling really comfortable.

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