Russell’s Best Self

Russell’s ‘Perfect Fit’ changed the way he felt about comfort, confidence and the importance of well fitting pants.

Hi, My name is Russell and I'm from Peterborough.
What are you passionate about?
These days I've been passionate mostly about advocacy around disability and accessibility. I think it's a simple problem that we can fix if we just work at it.
I've felt that feeling of a perfect fit out on the ice. I've played sledge hockey since I was about eight years old and, not every year, but some years the team is just really clicking and we've done really well together. And that feeling always feels like really comfortable and nice to be working in a close knit team like that. And that's a perfect fit to me.

When your clothes are fitting well, you're feeling confident and good, and you're putting your best self forth, I think right the minute I put on the IZ pants, that's the only time that Perfect Fit has changed for me.
My name is Russell and I am the perfect fit.

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