The IZ Adaptive Affiliate Program!

Join our community and make a difference while sharing our innovative brand of fashionable and functional adaptive clothing with your network...and earn cash while doing it.


Affiliates will receive 10% commission 
of every sale they help to create.

Becoming a part of the
IZ Adaptive Team

When you join, you will receive a Welcome Package that will include all you need to know about the brand, how it started, its founder, Izzy Camilleri, and learn all about the clothing’s features and benefits.


Share the love.

The more people that participate in our Affiliate Program means more people that can learn about this inclusive brand. Be sure to share this link with people you know who want to become brand champions.


Feel good doing it.

This is more than just an Affiliate Program,
it's a revolution - changing the landscape
of fashion to be one of inclusion.