The Game Changer is a revolutionary patented pant design detail, using IZ Seamless Technology , which reduces the risk of developing life threatening pressure sores.
For years, our Founder and Creative Director, Izzy Camilleri was asked to create a seamless back pant from her seated customers, learning that the seam at the back of a pant was the cause of decubitus ulcers, commonly known as pressure sores. As an experienced pattern drafter, this request did not seem possible, given the shapes and curves required to design the back of a pant, to fit our body from an ergonomic perspective. Seams are essential because they offer dimension, fit and comfort. The task seemed impossible but Izzy decided to wrap her head around it at the beginning of the pandemic, when the world stopped and she was able to focus. After careful consideration, researching, and having conversations with both wheelchair users and health professionals, the results were groundbreaking. The first of its kind, a seamless back pant that offers a safer option for wheelchair users around the world.
The seams commonly used to create the fit of the back of pants is perfectly aligned with the base of the spine. While seated, the bone presses against this seam, potentially causing an internal infection, leading to blood poisoning, and in some cases, can be life threatening. The risk of developing a pressure sore should not be taken lightly and can even develop in as little as 20 minutes. Back pockets are also dangerously positioned and can lead to the same concerns. This is why back pockets are not present in any of IZ Adaptives seated pant offerings.
When one of the medical advisors on the initial pant design research saw our Game Changer Seamless Back Pant for the first time, she literally screamed with joy and amazement knowing the difference these pants would make for her wheelchair user patients. Another advisor who had almost died from his pressure sore said that these pants would allow him more independence and freedom. Freedom to feel safer in his pants, and free from worry. For people who have experienced one of these sores, the odds of them returning is up to 80% since the skin has been compromised in the affected area, and bone continues to press against the same spot while seated. Pressure sores are a major concern for wheelchair users and should be monitored daily. IZ Adaptive is so proud of its patented Game Changer Collection and continues to create more and more options for its customers.
The Game Changer Pant, using IZ Seamless Technology is the most important work our Founder, Izzy Camilleri, has ever done and continues to be her proudest accomplishment.
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