Medium shot, standing. Mary Anne is an individual using a transhumeral prosthesis. She wears light blue denim jeans and a white t-shirt that reads, “I am the #PerfectFit.”

Mary Anne's Day to Day

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Mary Anne shares all the things she loves and what the ‘Perfect Fit’ means to her.

Mary Anne:

Hi, my name is Mary Anne, and I'm from Toronto. I love to sew. I love to cook. I love the cottage. I love to travel. 

Words on screen:

Describe your Perfect Fit

Mary Anne:

Buttons are a challenge for me. Pants are a challenge, that have too many clasps on them.

I love an oversized white shirt. I can slide that on without having to do the buttons up. I can roll the sleeves up and there's no cuff to do up.

I think when you feel good, when you've got a good outfit on, it brings that confidence level up. My name is Mary Anne, and I'm the perfect fit.

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