Medium shot, partial side angle, seated. Anthony smiles and rests both hands on his lap. He turns slightly towards camera, showing the text on his white t-shirt which reads “I am the #PerfectFit.”

Anthony's Perfect Smile

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Anthony’s love of being active fits perfectly with his love for looking good and feeling good.
My name is Anthony Lou, and I'm from Pickering, Ontario.
And what are you passionate about?

Being active, whatever it is, just getting outside, having fun, working up a sweat. I'm not a cyclist, so that's my life, pretty well.

Honestly, your pants, they just fit perfectly, and I didn't have to wear a belt, they weren't falling down. The suit jacket was amazing. Just putting it on and not having to worry about it getting caught in the wheels and dirty. Seeing it in the pictures, not all crumpled up and stuff, it made me feel really good. It's just one of those things.
You look good, you feel good. When things actually fit and conform your body properly, it can just make everything with that much better. So it's huge, it's huge.
My name is Anthony Lou and I am the #perfectfit.

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