Jodi's Lasting Friendships

Jodi shares how friendships can be the place where you find the perfect fit, which makes you become your best self.


What are you passionate about?


I'm passionate about research actually, and the volunteering. The research I think is paying it forward for other people that did something to get me as far as I am. And people who park where they shouldn't park gets me pretty passionate.

Words on screen: 

Describe your Perfect Fit 


I have some girlfriends that I've known since I was nine years old and we get together. One of them I've never had an argument with. And when we're together, it's just a perfect fit. We can talk and pick up where we left off and someone could travel for five years and come back. With those ladies, we're a perfect fit.

The perfect fit is one that makes you feel good and look good. If you look good, you feel good. It makes you feel like you can dance. It does. It makes you feel good. Hi, I'm Jody. I'm the perfect fit.

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