IZ Adaptive founder Izzy Camilleri standing with Chris. Both of them wear white t-shirts that reads, “I am the #PerfectFit.” Izzy wears black jeans with a black belt and Chris wears gray sweatpants with drawstring.

Chris' Peer Support

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Chris loves to sit down with other folks in order to encourage them and to share the message of never giving up.


Hi, I'm Chris Channon, and I'm from Toronto.


What are you passionate about and why?


Absolutely, for sure, right now I'm passionate about peer support. I very much enjoy sitting down and encouraging other folks that have gone through some challenges, other disabilities, and I love encouraging them. I love motivating them, and of course, always telling them the theme to never give up.


So the perfect fit for me, it means independence. It means convenience. It means that I can control my day rather than having other people or waiting for other people to assist. Having that freedom of independence would be the most important thing for me.


Hi, I'm Chris Channon. I am the #perfectfit.

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