Full shot, seated. Luke is a model using a power chair. He wears gray jeans and a white t-shirt that reads, “I am the #PerfectFit.”

Luke’s Change

Luke explains about how finding that perfect fit changes everything and you shouldn’t settle for less.


My name is Luke Anderson, and I'm from Stouffville, Ontario.

Accessibility is something that I'm really passionate about talking about and really shining a light on how, when we put something in place for someone with a disability, we all end up benefiting.

Words on screen: 

Describe your Perfect Fit


I stopped wearing regular tailored pants because I found them to be so frustrating. I've been loving wearing pants that fit. Imagine that. Taking 20 minutes to make sure your pants are fitting properly in the morning in the right spot.

That took a lot of time. I don't really settle for clothing that doesn't make me feel like it is the perfect fit. My name is Luke, and I am the perfect fit.

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