Joanne’s Freedom

Joanne share’s how the ‘Perfect Fit’ gives her a sense of freedom in her daily life.


Hi, I'm Joanne Smith, and I'm from Toronto, Canada.


What are you passionate about, and why?


I would have to say my biggest passion is traveling, and why? Because it's always an adventure in so many different ways. I just find it so inspiring, motivating, and just invigorating. I love it, always have.

Words on screen:

Describe your Perfect Fit 


Perfect fit, my bike, my handcycle. I've had it fit to me. I love it, and it's complete freedom and independence when I go out cycling. I love that, and whether you're at work, out with friends, at play, you want to feel good and feeling good, part of that is being confident.


What you wear represents you. It's your identity. When you find the perfect fit, it's freedom because it's easy to function. You look good, you feel good. When you go out, you just, you feel amazing. My name is Joanne Smith, and I am the perfect fit.

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