Partial side angle, seated. Anita is an individual using a manual wheelchair. She smiles as she crosses 1 leg over the other and rests 1 hand on her back wheel. Anita is wearing black capri pants and a white t-shirt that reads, “I am the #PerfectFit.”

Anita’s Love of Life

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Anita lives life to the fullest and is sharing this outlook with her daughter.


Hi, my name is Anita and I live just outside of Toronto. I'm a positive person and I'm kind of like a lover of life. So I think I'm just motivated to live life.

I enjoy training at the gyms. I enjoy the work I do. So I'm doing what I want to do and living the life I want to live.

Words on screen:

Describe your Perfect Fit 


Me and my daughter, because in so many ways, I feel like we're almost like soul sisters. Like, I feel like if we were both the same age, we would have been BFFs and we really enjoy each other's company and it's not just mom and daughter. It's like, we just, we laugh and joke around and really enjoy each other. So I'd have to say that's like perfect fit.

Depending on what my mood is, will sort of determine what I want to wear for that day. And so having that outfit that you find that suits your mood and fits right, sort of sets your day right off on the right track, right from the get go.


My name is Anita and I'm the perfect fit.

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