Game Changing Designs: Seamless Back Jeans for Wheelchair Users

Game Changing Designs: Seamless Back Jeans for Wheelchair Users

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Taking pride in your appearance can breed confidence and the right wardrobe can help with this. In addition to looking great, clothing should be comfortable enough for all-day wear, particularly for those in a primarily seated position, over prolonged periods. In order to meet the high standards of our customers, IZ Adaptive have created Game Changer Seamless Back Jeans.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a rigid seam. Thick fabrics have a habit of digging into skin, chaffing or rubbing away at sensitive areas and this is particularly true of denim. Durable denim is a staple of most wardrobes in one way or another and now there is a comfortable way for wheelchair users to participate in this time-honoured trend. Seamless back jeans for men and women transition from day to night, from work to recreation and can accommodate every type of lifestyle.

What Makes a Game Changer?

Common problems associated with jeans for wheelchair users revolve around seams and inaccessible pockets. In an ideal situation seams would be soft and lay flat against skin. Traditional seams can pinch, bunch or press into skin, having a negative impact on skin, and even creating sores. Pressure sores can result in infection if left untreated. Skin abrasions or sores are not to be taken lightly, so Game Changers have removed all of the seams that you would normally be sitting on.

While in a wheelchair, jeans should not cause any discomfort and that is why Game Changers are designed to minimize the causes of pressure sores and help to prevent serious health issues and protect the integrity of skin to prevent damage or infection. In addition to comfort, these designs are also intended to provide more access, in the case of easy removal, wearability and accessible pockets.

Rigid leg seams can be problematic, but it is important not to overlook pockets. For those in a primarily seated position, having pockets in the rear of jeans is more of a frustration than a convenience. By removing pockets from the back of jeans, Game Changers remove unnecessary layers of bulky fabric that may irritate skin.

Traditional button fasteners can be difficult to operate for anyone with compromised dexterity. By offering options of either button or hook closures, Game Changer jeans for wheelchair users are designed to be the most accessible and the most comfortable bottoms on the market.

Never Compromise Your Comfort

More than being a simple fashionable choice, Game Changer jeans for wheelchair users are meant to leave wearers feeling safe, secure and comfortable. With differing options for closures and fastenings, seamless back jeans for women and men are so convenient for all day wear that you might never want to take them off.

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