Adaptive Clothing for Women: From Casual to Career Wear

Adaptive Clothing for Women: From Casual to Career Wear

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“Dress for the job you want”. It is an old saying but one that still rings true. The right wardrobe can exude professionalism and an attractive outfit can inspire confidence on a night out. Casual dress may be great for a leisure day, but these don’t always translate to evening wear or boardroom attire. Luckily, the world of adaptive clothing has grown to incorporate staple pieces as well as a wide range of options designed to fit any occasion, all while keeping up with current fashion trends.

The Origins of Adaptive Clothing Options

The goal of adaptive clothing is to accommodate those wearers who struggle with closures, fasteners and heavy seams found in traditional clothing design. The adaptive clothing industry did not just appear overnight but has developed over years with the help of designers, occupational therapists and even engineers. It was not until larger fashion brands began to address the issue of uncomfortable dress that adaptive clothing broke into the mainstream.

Throughout the day, different events will call for different styles. From exercise to a night out, it is always important to feel your best and adaptive clothing makes that possible. In the past, without the right equipment, exercise could be easily overlooked and formal events like weddings may have been dampened through stress and discomfort. Say goodbye to pain without sacrificing style.

Adaptive Clothing for Women

Photo by Chiara De Falco

The Advantages of Adaptive Clothing for Women

In Canada, 1 in 5 adults are living with some form of disability. These ailments can range from joint pain, arthritis to rehabilitation following a heart attack or stroke, managing M.S., or less obvious physical issues such as autism and dementia. Adaptive clothing not only eliminates the pain associated with traditional fittings but can also encourage independence for wearers and ease for caregivers.

Initially, clothing designs for wheelchair users implemented baggy designs and capes, primarily. While these designs were practical, they were not for everyone. By readjusting traditional designs and creating more accessible closures, everything from skirts, dresses and jeans are available with a wide range of accessible options.

Heavy materials, like denim have a reputation of being unforgiving, particularly for those who spend long periods laying down or in a seated position. Fitting traditional jeans with flat seams, more workable materials and clasps that are simple to manipulate makes these closet staples accessible for those with physical disabilities. 

Adaptive Clothing for Women

Photo by Chiara De Falco

Don’t Get Creased: A Career Woman’s Closet

The workplace can be a stressful environment, but your clothing options don’t have to contribute to this headache. Planning a work appropriate outfit takes time and forethought, none of which are made easier by a complicated closet. It is important to not only consider what you may need for the moment but for the long-term of your workday, leading into potential late nights.

Quick access is a major selling feature for many adaptive clothing styles. This ease of removal can make quick checks and changes possible whenever and wherever you need them. Buttons and clasps, particularly when situated in complicated areas can be difficult to reach, even worse to manipulate and can sometimes require and extra set of hands. Women’s adaptive clothing makes it possible to handle the dressing process in an independent way.

Never be restricted by your clothing again. Opening the doors of your closet should be like opening the doors of possibility and IZ Adaptive is committed to helping you reach that goal.

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