Functional Fashion: Shirts with Magnetic Buttons

Functional Fashion: Shirts with Magnetic Buttons

When managing hand dexterity, everyday tasks can quickly become a time-consuming challenge. At IZ Adaptive, our team of committed creators believe that getting dressed should not be a chore. In the past, shirt buttons or unreliable fasteners have been a real pain to wearers, but magnetic buttons are the solution.

More than being found only on jeans or dress pants, buttons are a staple of both business and casual attire. Accessible fashion choices for work and recreation encourage independence and can help wearers keep their schedules. No matter where you are wearing them, shirts and coats with magnetic buttons fit the bill. 

Exploring the Alternatives

Facing off against shirt buttons is not a new issue for those with limited dexterity. Over the years, there have been many attempts to nail down an appropriate alternative to typical button closures, from Velcro to ‘hook and loop’ fasteners. Between everyday wear and washing, these closures can lose their efficiency. Velcro can become bogged down with lint and debris while loops can snag during regular washing. The constant need to adjust and refasten closures can be just as difficult as fussing over buttons. Luckily, magnetic closures can provide a bit of relief.

Magnetic buttons can be hidden behind buttons at the centre of the shirt and can be found in both short and long sleeve options. With options for magnets around shirt fronts and cuffs, shirts for men and women blend in seamlessly with current fashion trends. Popular options such as denim shirts can be rolled at the sleeves and dress shirts can be tucked in or styled in the same fashion as any other top on the market.

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