Dressing in a Wheelchair: Clothing That Is Convenient, Accessible and Stylish

Dressing in a Wheelchair: Clothing That Is Convenient, Accessible and Stylish

For most people, getting dressed in the morning is a simple process. In many cases, all it takes is a quick trip to a closet in order to choose an outfit, but this process is not as simple when planning around the use of a wheelchair.  One of the goals of adaptive clothing brands is to create fashionable and functional clothing for wheelchair users.

By creating clothing designed to accommodate a seated position, IZ Adaptive offers a wide range of wheelchair friendly styles, made to benefit both wearers and care providers. Adaptive clothing for men and women encourages independence, promotes self-esteem and provides a comfortable alternative to mainstream clothing designs.

With a rise in accessible clothing options, it can be difficult to narrow your search or find the best option for your unique needs. Mainstream retailers might offer basic options for disability clothing but before you commit to a new piece of clothing, consider the advantages of a specialized brand, like IZ Adaptive.

Adaptive Apparel: What to Look For 

When it comes to seeking functional and attractive clothing items for people with disabilities, it is important to know that a piece will suit your needs and lifestyle. 

Versatile Clothing Options: One style of clothing and accessories cannot carry wearers from recreation and casual wear, all the way through to business meetings and special occasions. Versatile pieces can be dressed up or dressed down according to the needs of the wearer. 

Fasteners: Buttons, zippers and other fasteners can be a challenge for those with limited dexterity. Certain ailments such as arthritis can make using traditional fasteners not only difficult but painful. Well-planned and designed adaptive clothing creates clever and discrete solutions to these issues. From magnetic closures to hook and bar fasteners, IZ Adaptive has options for you. 

Fabrics: Breathable fabrics are key to keeping comfortable in any scenario. Fabrics that don’t breathe can lead to a build up in moisture, which can in turn lead to a rapid breakdown in skin integrity. Furthermore, fabrics with stretch allow for all day comfort, and can also facilitate getting clothing on and off.

Style: In addition to being easy to put on, clothing companies aim to create fashionable pieces designed to leave wearers feeling confident. “When you look good, you feel good” - The right outfit can have a very positive impact on self-esteem. While some wheelchair clothing brands focus on the functional, they don’t always consider how the wearer might feel. Focusing on the practicality of a garment is frequently necessary, but clothing should empower the wearer to feel their best, as well. Rain gear shouldn't just keep the rain off, it should look and feel good too. 

Knowledge: Before taking the plunge on your next wardrobe staple, it is important to know whether or not a retailer understands your unique needs. Help us understand your unique needs by contacting us here at IZ Adaptive and letting us know.

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