Keep Warm, Keep Dry, Keep Active: Accessible Wheelchair Capes, Ponchos and Rain Gear

Keep Warm, Keep Dry, Keep Active: Accessible Wheelchair Capes, Ponchos and Rain Gear

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In a complex climate, a properly planned outfit is key to keeping cozy. A multi-layered approach might help to keep you warm but it is rarely comfortable. Unwanted bunching can be tough on skin, leave exposed areas and restrict movement. IZ Adaptive is committed to creating outerwear that does not sacrifice warmth for comfort and accessibility. From the rainy days of spring, all the way through the chill of winter nights, there are plenty of options to keep you warm, dry, and active.

A busy work week or special event does not get put on hold for bad weather. Instead of catering your schedule to the forecast, IZ Adaptive offers a full catalogue of options for women and men’s fashions.

The IZ Adaptive Advantage

Whether in rain or shine, capes for wheelchair users come in a variety of options and styles. In order to encourage ease of motion, IZ Adaptive pieces have a variety of special features designed specifically for our customers.  Everything from cuts to fabrics and closures are designed with a broad spectrum of mobility in mind.

The goal of seated designs is to increase comfort while preventing bunching. Traditional winter coats or rain jackets are not only at risk of bunching but are often not long enough to accommodate a seated position. Additional length around legs can help to keep wearers as covered as possible, keeping the warmth in and the cold out. A longer length can protect legs, and a garment with a shorter back stays clear of wheels and prevents tangling.

Instead of offering only one option, IZ Adaptive has fashion forward styles, outfitted with different types of closures designed around ease of use. From front zipper closures to removable attached hoods, rain coats and poncho capes are adaptive to suit your lifestyle. 

Adaptive Capes for Wheelchair Users

No matter the time of year, outerwear is the first and best line of defense against the elements. When seeking out various options for adaptive wheelchair clothing, cape designs offer various clothing options accessible near the waist for easy removal.

Capes for the Cold: Comfort is the main goal of any IZ Adaptive piece, and our cold weather gear is the perfect example. While seated designs prevent bunching for wearers using a wheelchair, capes offer design qualities such as accessible pockets for increased ease of use. Breathable liners prevent overheating or skin irritations while ribbed cuffs protect against cold air drafts creeping up sleeves. For those wearers who spend prolonged periods in a seated position, additional length can help to keep legs warm. Throughout Fall and Winter, warm weather wheelchair poncho designs are comfortable, convenient and fashion forward. Faux-shearling designs, for example, can help wearers keep on trend, ethically and comfortably.

Keeping Dry in the Rain: A cold day might send you scurrying inside, but you don’t want to waste a day indoors when there are options to keep you active. IZ Adaptive rain gear is windproof and water-resistant to keep wearers dry and warm, no matter the outdoor conditions. Removable flaps are designed to cover the back of chairs, preventing water from pooling.

Throughout any season, warm wheelchair poncho options are a must. From hoodies to ponchos, from rainy days and negative temperatures, there is nothing that our adaptive clothing options can’t handle. Built tough, for comfort and an accessible, active lifestyle, our designs help to keep you outside, even in the worst conditions.

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