The IZ Adaptive Collection

The IZ Adaptive Collection

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When I first started creating custom clothing in 2004 for my late friend and client, Barbara Turnbull, little did I know how much the course of my life and work would change.

Fast-forward to 2009, and IZ Adaptive was born. Clothing in the IZ collection is different from clothing found in most retail stores insomuch that it is cut to follow the line of a seated frame. Everything we design starts from the seated perspective, with style and Ease-of-Dress in mind.

Full shot. 4 people smiling for camera. They wear white crew neck shirts and dark blue denim jeans. From left to right: a person using a manual wheelchair with camber wheels, a person using a transfemoral prosthesis, a person using a transradial prosthesis and a person using a manual wheelchair.


Here at IZ, when we say #fashionIZfreedom, what we mean is being who you want to be, and being able to wear stylish modern classics that fit and function the way you want them to.

Read more on functionality here

Our mission is to provide high-quality, fashionable basics to wheelchair users and those living with limited mobility and dexterity - the necessities of every wardrobe - and to help as many people as possible experience STYLE FREEDOM. We are only just getting started, and I am so excited to start this journey with you.

Full shot, seated. 2 people using manual wheelchairs with camber wheels. They smile and laugh as they face towards camera. Both of them wear brown beanies, navy peacoats, tan jeans and black dress shoes.
Group shot. Several individuals smile and pose in a celebratory manner. Superimposed text on image reads, “IZ was born out of a desire to create clothing with a purpose.” Button that reads, “Shop Now.”

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