Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchair Users: Standing Out While Seated

Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchair Users: Standing Out While Seated

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In the past, traditional adaptive clothing designs have primarily focused on the needs of the elderly. While seniors do make up a large demographic for adaptive clothing designs, the landscape of accessible wardrobes has come a long way. From boardrooms to ball games and 5-star eateries, there is always an occasion to showcase your personal style. Looking your best should not mean being uncomfortable.

In order to accommodate customers who spend prolonged periods of time in seated positions, IZ Adaptive has created sexy, modern, stylish  adaptive clothing for wheelchair users.

Constructing Garments for Seated Positions

Typically, wheelchair friendly clothing design revolves around loose or ill fitting pieces which is rarely flattering. IZ Adaptive is committed to creating comfortable, elevated clothing that can take you from day to night and from season to season. More than just being just another clothing company, IZ Adaptive offers a wide variety of adaptive clothing for men and women, in a variety of styles and designs that are specially constructed to accommodate your comfort and lifestyle.

Adaptive clothing and accessories are designed for easy access, comfort and to aid with assisted dressing. Part of what makes IZ Adaptive a leader of the adaptive clothing industry, are our game-changing designs.

A-Line Cuts: Trading traditional, boxy designs can bunch and irritate skin. A-line cuts follow the lines of the body when seated. This limits bunching and pressure from seams, encouraging comfort, even when in a seated position over prolonged periods.

Stretch Fabric: Stretchable fabric moves in accordance with bodies and does not fight against them. Flexible, lightweight fabric allows skin to breathe, reducing the chance of chafing, irritation and overheating.

Seamless Back Design: Seams along denim or more rigid materials can cause pressure sores on skin if left over time. Jeans may be a wardrobe staple but traditional designs are far less versatile for wheelchair users. Seamless back designs reduce the risk of pressure sores, skin irritation, and the break down of skin integrity .

Accessible Pockets: In any garment, pockets are a must. These small conveniences allow wearers to carry everyday items, reaching them with ease. Back pockets create an uneven sitting surface, and are difficult to reach.

Extended Fly Zipper: Our Game Changer jeans feature an extended fly zipper with removable pull tab that caters to a wide range of motion and dexterity.

Closure Options: Common zippers do not accommodate those individuals with limited dexterity. That is why IZ Adaptive is proud to offer adaptive clothing that features hook and bar, button, and magnetic closures.

When you are looking for clothing options and adaptive apparel that suits your lifestyle, look no further than the beautifully designed and constructed designs from Izzy Camilleri and IZ Adaptive. 

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