Adaptive Clothing: Canada’s Climate, Your Comfort

Adaptive Clothing: Canada’s Climate, Your Comfort

From coast to coast, Canada is known for its beautiful scenery and complex climates. Unpredictable weather patterns can make dressing difficult for anyone. For men and women or individuals with limited mobility or impacted dexterity, choosing an all-day outfit is more possible than ever with adaptive clothing options.

When creating a line of adaptive clothing, it is important to consider the needs of wearers from the scorching days of Summer to frozen Winter nights. IZ Adaptive has created a curated collection of garments that can accommodate daywear, formal fashions and functional layers, no matter the season.

Suiting Up For Summer & Spring

Keeping cool in warmer months is key to staying comfortable. Traditional dress styles can bunch, causing skin irritations while shorts can be difficult to remove or adjust. In order to meet the needs of our clients, IZ Adaptive has created a line of heat-friendly pieces. By choosing breathable fabrics and thoughtful designs, adaptive wear is as summer-ready as you are.

Seemingly small details, such as pocket placement can make a world of difference to the comfort of wearers. By eliminating back pockets in bottoms, shorts or skirts and utilizing hook and loop or magnetic closures, each piece encourages ease of use and independence. Keeping wearers cool and stylish. T-shirts are a staple in most wardrobes but basic designs can be uncomfortable during a prolonged seated position. Whether dressing up or dressing down, IZ Adaptive has Summer staples to suit a busy week at the office or a rigorous recreational routine.

Wrapping Up For Fall & Winter

In the same way that you might shed layers in summer, it is necessary to bundle up for Fall and Winter. Even a slight chill can lead you feeling uncomfortable for hours, but heavy layering is not always the answer. Instead of thick materials that may bunch or irritate skin, IZ Adaptive have created a line of functional coats designed for indoors and out.

Blazers are great for the board room but are also a practical addition to any cool-weather wardrobe. Side zips and magnetic closures make it possible to store and navigate items easily. Trench coats have long since been a fashion staple and, with options for seated and standing positions, it is possible to keep this timeless trend alive. Suits can inspire confidence while rain gear can help to make that morning commute that much easier. In rain, shine or frigid winter, your wardrobe should always be functional, accessible and stylish.

Whether you are looking to build up your own wardrobe or are exploring on behalf of caregivers, assistive dressing can help to create more accessible, independent and fashionable lifestyle for wearers, no matter their range of mobility.

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