A handsome man with a big smile wearing green chinos and a black IZ Adaptive leather jacket sits in a manual wheelchair looking up at a beautilful woman who is standing, wearing an IZ Adaptive toque, leather jacket, and an IZ standing denim skirt. She is smiling back at him as they stand in front of green foliage.

Working with IZ Adaptive

With over 15 years of research and development in the adaptive clothing arena, IZ Adaptive is recognized as a leader in the field. The passion to create fashion that truly worked for wheelchair users inspired our revolutionary designs, and the pioneering IZ Seamless Technology™ featured in our pants, which has helped people all over the world live with more freedom, dignity and style.

If your brand is looking to be more inclusive, we can help.

Leveraging IZ Adaptive’s experience through consulting, licensing, and wholesaling can accelerate the expansion of your company’s offering to the millions of people around the world who love your brand but aren’t able to wear it.

Our game changing IZ Seamless Technology™ can be easily incorporated into your best-sellers so that they can be worn and loved by both disabled and non-disabled people.

This is what universal design looks like. 

Form more information, email us at inclusion@izadaptive.com