Revolutionizing Intimates with Liberare

IZ Adaptive

Emma Butler and the Liberare team of powerhouse disabled women are changing the game. On July 7th, 2022, we sat down ...

Meet Tirzah Lopez, Miss Netherlands 2022

IZ Adaptive

Back in June of 2022, IZ Adaptive CEO, Benedict Marsh sat down with this year's Miss Wheelchair World representative ...

Weaving a Bold New Future with the Threads of Self-Love: An Interview with Sandie Roberts

IZ Adaptive

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Sandie Roberts to talk about her experience of the wheelchair transforming from a symbol of failure, to a tool for empowerment, and how she integrates it into fashion and self-expression.

5 DIY Tricks Wheelchair Users Can Use to Make Adaptive Pants

Izzy Camilleri

For wheelchair users, purchasing pants 'off the rack' presents many potential challenges. However, there are thing...
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