From Fashion to Wheelchair Ventilation: Meet Corien Staels

IZ Adaptive

Recently, IZ Adaptive CEO sat down with WheelAir founder, Corien Staels to chat with her about the innovative and g...

Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchair Users: Standing Out While Seated

Benedict Marsh

In the past, traditional adaptive clothing designs have primarily focused on the needs of the elderly. While seniors ...

Adaptive Clothing: Canada’s Climate, Your Comfort

Benedict Marsh

From coast to coast, Canada is known for its beautiful scenery and complex climates. Unpredictable weather patterns c...

Adaptive T-Shirts: A Staple Piece For Any Wardrobe

Benedict Marsh

A plain t-shirt can be seen as boring, however these simple pieces are anything but. The right t-shirt can be a blank...

Dressing in a Wheelchair: Clothing That Is Convenient, Accessible and Stylish

Benedict Marsh

For most people, getting dressed in the morning is a simple process. In many cases, all it takes is a quick trip to a...

Keep Warm, Keep Dry, Keep Active: Accessible Wheelchair Capes, Ponchos and Rain Gear

Benedict Marsh

In a complex climate, a properly planned outfit is key to keeping cozy. A multi-layered approach might help to keep y...

The World's Accessible Toilets

IZ Adaptive

How to find an accessible toilet anywhere in the world.

Functional Fashion: Shirts with Magnetic Buttons

Benedict Marsh

When managing hand dexterity, everyday tasks can quickly become a time-consuming challenge. At IZ Adaptive, our team ...

Game Changing Designs: Seamless Back Jeans for Wheelchair Users

Benedict Marsh

Taking pride in your appearance can breed confidence and the right wardrobe can help with this. In addition to lookin...

Adaptive Clothing for Women: From Casual to Career Wear

Benedict Marsh

“Dress for the job you want”. It is an old saying but one that still rings true. The right wardrobe can exude profess...

The Pressure Sore

IZ Adaptive

How Pressure Sores Affected This Wheelchair User's Life by Anthony Lue I’m warning you now...this is going to get gra...

Disabled But Not Really: Q & A with Wesley Hamilton

Benedict Marsh

IZ Adaptive CEO, Benedict Marsh, sits down with philanthropist, speaker, athlete, model, and founder of Disabled But Not Really, Wesley Hamilton to talk about his organization, overcoming limiting mindsets, leadership and building community.
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